Monthly Archives: February 2013

#62 “Imperfection” is your friend

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Life is imperfect. There is no sense in being indignant or frustrated about it. But you must be tired of this moralizing since your childhood.

To look for leadership potential, observe how you or your co-worker deal with imperfection:

  • Do you have an awareness of the issues?
  • If given resources, do you know how to “solve” the problem?
  • If not given the resources, do you have the creativity to make progress, and make a business case for more resources?
  • Can you do this while containing your frustrations day in and day out?
  • Can you do this while inspiring yourself and others to go to the next level?
  • Are you surprised by, and resisting the workload? Or do you embrace, not merely tolerate what it takes to do the above?

Life sucks. Squeeze the lemon and make lemonade. If you have a better, healthier option, please let me know.

There is a short supply of people who can do this, if you want to stand out, and be different (in a good way), this is your way forward.


#61 “Sense of urgency” versus “Life and Death”

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These are not the same. But you knew that.

Then why do you and your co-workers not get it right? Meaning, why do you behave as if every situation is ” life and death” when it is merely “urgent.” Okay, maybe not “merely,” but you get the point.

The first reason is “you don’t know!” Develop your awareness. Improve your analysis and analytics. Get your facts right on business impact before you commit to an opinion or action. It’s okay to trust your gut, provided you have a handle on your emotions.

A second reason is “fear.” Self awareness will fix a certain percentage of your fear (“see, no ghosts under the bed”). Some percentage of your fear may require therapy and counseling. The rest of your fear can be overcome with coaching, and education. thus, be open to feedback and be “coachable.”

Start with getting the difference right. Once you can tell the difference, the rest will follow.