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Our popular training program, Leadership for Strategy Execution™, is now available in theiPadHardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats. To learn more about our Leadership program, or if your busy schedule is forcing you into a self learning mode (DIY) for developing leadership behaviors, click on the image below and buy your copy today!

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“If you want to start on or continue your journey of becoming an effective strategic leader, then you should read the book “Leadership in Strategy Execution.” It is an excellent collection of important lessons to help make one a successful leader. Venkat has provided insight into issues not covered in other leadership books such as the chapters on “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.” and “Be in the Moment”. There are many practical lessons featured throughout the book and it is written in a manner where one can literally pick and choose the particular area(s) of focus to improve their leadership skills. I have been involved with many leadership teams in my career and have read dozens of leadership books. Written as a tutorial and reference manual, I think this book is one of the best resources a leader can have!”

Navarra Williams
President and CEO SAMMinistries

“Leadership in Strategy Execution” is a very smart book. It’s focused, insightful, and at the same time easy to read. This book will be a valuable tool for you, whether you are leading strategy for a business or want to learn about how leadership can be employed in boosting your own effectiveness at the workplace.

Venkat Narayanan is both an outstanding researcher and an engaging writer. He has made this book on Leadership in Strategy Execution, a practical step-by-step guide into what can sometimes seem to be an arcane process of Leadership in Organizations. Full of pithy quotes, and illustrations, the book is an operating manual for anyone contemplating improvements in their own leadership behavior or in using leadership to drive strategic change at their organizations.”

Fazle A. Naqvi
Toronto, Canada

“Before I read the book, I had a lot of problems. After I read the book I still have problems but now I am empowered with the tools to deal with them. I realized bigger the problem, the more extraordinary the life. My problems are no longer a barrier. They are the stepping stones to living the life I love. If you want to be the person who people say yes to, I recommend carrying this book wherever you go.”

Shanker Raman
Award winning film maker
Chasing Tales Productions

“I highly recommend Leadership in Strategy Execution! This book is a powerful toolbox for developing leadership skills. Venkat Narayanan shares practical, battle-tested lessons in each chapter full of insights on how each skill applies directly to leadership. There is a template at the end of each chapter which helps readers plan how to apply learnings from each chapter. This book deals with the source of leadership – our own beliefs, practices, and actions. This is very difficult to do well in a book, yet Venkat has done it in Leadership in Strategy Execution. If you’re serious about developing your leadership skills, pickup this book! A must read!”

Anthony Tsai
Sales and Marketing Operations Consulting Manager
Trianz Inc.

“Leadership in Strategy Execution sticks out in my mind because rather than focus on outward focused management strategies, it emphasizes the importance of looking inward first. Making sure that you fully understand your own actions and thoughts is a prerequisite for managing and mentoring others. It is an approach I had not considered before and is a healthy and helpful way to view leadership challenges.”

Howard Moorin
Trianz Inc.

“Venkat clearly lays out the tools required to develop and enahance your leadership skills. The content is structured in a straight forward and comprehensive format. The two lessons on ‘Focus’ and ‘Be in the Moment’ has already made a significant impact on my daily work approach and productivity. I’m looking forward to the ongoing development of behavioral changes this course teaches to execute and succeed in the daily work environment.”

John Santillan
Sr. Manager
Trianz Inc.

“‘Leadership in Strategy Execution’ is truly an accelerator to become a leader.

What usually takes around 20 years of experience and hard lessons learned along the way, Venkat compresses into 18 lessons full of wisdom. This master piece, written in a very concise and yet elegant style, forces the reader to look inward to remove the shackles inhibiting them to become a leader, and uncover the gifts hidden in the attic of their heart.

Brace yourself as you embark on this journey with Venkat applying the ‘DO’s’, discovering the ‘KNOW’s’ and becoming the ‘BE’s’. You are entering an accelerator. Do not be afraid to see the particles of your leadership style being accelerated and smashed at incredible speeds. ‘Leadership in Strategy Execution’ will force you to observe yourself through a fine beam, develop new skills and become a leader.”

Bernard Laurendeau
Management Consultant


To succeed in a fast paced work environment, you need to display leadership behaviors, on demand. This book will help you build leadership skills in a step by step manner. The payback is huge: you will systematically and progressively increase your effectiveness, personal productivity, and job satisfaction.

The guidelines in this book have been field tested and fine tuned over several years in the workplace. You will learn how to apply the research-based teachings in this book to your workplace situations and become the best you can be.

Everyone in the workplace, at all levels, needs to display leadership behaviors. If you are an emerging leader, use this book to fulfill your duty and responsibility to develop leadership behaviors in yourself. If you are an accomplished leader, use this book to coach and mentor a co-worker. If you are a senior executive looking to build your organization’s leadership bench, use this book to foster leadership behaviors in your organization.

The ultimate benefit: find happiness and become the best you can be at work.


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