Training program to develop leadership behaviors

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The Leadership in Strategy Execution™ develops Leadership abilities in people charged with executing business strategy.

It is fitting that our first Program prepares people for the rigors of executing business strategy.  People have to be inspired, energized and guided to translate strategy and planning to business results.  Leadership is a responsibility, not a role, not a job.  Therefore, all employees of an organization or participants in an initiative need to demonstrate Leadership behaviors.

Attending this Program will provide an excellent foundation to implement the tools, methods and techniques provided by our other Programs.  This is key because we define ‘Success’ as participants being able to make an impact and deliver results after attending our Programs.

The Program is offered by invitation only. Contact us to ask how you can receive an invite to attend this Program. Please review the audience requirements, terms and conditions, and Program details carefully to ensure that you will gain benefits from attending this Program. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

This is what alumni have to say about the Program:

“A well structured course, built on practical application of leadership concepts.”

“The course systematically coached me in making changes within myself so I could respond better to situations requiring leadership.”

“Gaining self-realization, learning what I need to be doing differently… that alone was of tremendous value to me.”

“Individuals could apply the concepts to their context and create a personalized approach to leadership.”

“The course showed how to apply theory to real-life leadership situations.”

“By applying these learnings on a consistent basis, I have been able to evolve my leadership style to be more effective.”

“It didn’t feel like training.  It felt like a way to refresh and evolve my perspectives on life, resulting in a positive impact on my leadership style.”

“The best training I have every had!”

“This course really helped me focus on my day to day leadership behaviors and what I could do to become more effective as a leader.  The way the course is modeled and taught gives a very  tangible process  to assist you in identifying areas that could be causing issues along with techniques to improve your overall effectiveness.  The more you are able to practice these techniques/skills, the more naturally you will start to incorporate these learnings into your day to day work style.  I have learned a great deal in this overall course, but what really makes this course stand out in comparison to other leadership development courses is the continual learning and development that occurs as you practice the techniques and modify your behaviors over time.  Behavior modification to something as significant as leadership skills has to happen over time and the emphasis this course has on continual focus and improvement is what really makes a difference.  Because this group is taught to a cohort type group, the team does leverage each other in terms of working on specific development areas throughout the course as well.  There is  a taxonomy that is used in the course…such as “Equanimity”; “Suspend Judgement”; “Be in the Moment” that started to become part of our normal team dialogue as we faced our day to day challenges and opportunities.

As an instructor, Venkat provides huge amounts of wisdom and insight.  He has been on his own leadership development journey over the past years and uses the many examples of where he has applied the learnings and practices taught in the course with very tangible results.  He is extremely well read and brings a balanced perspective of knowledge that he has learned over the years together in a very complete and comprehensive package.  His compassion and humor help make the course a safe environment to discuss issues and behaviors that are very personal in nature.”


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